Brandyn River Gallagher has long been a devoted activist and community servant who remains committed to the equitable redistribution of happiness. Their strong voice in addressing the limitations of sexual health resources for transmasculine people resulted in significant improvements to HIV prevention research methods and study design internationally. They served the community through founding Outshine NW for a two-year season, providing group presentations, trainings, and independent consulting on topics of trans competency in healthcare and social services agencies. They’ve invested great passion in building community, bridging interpersonal divides across the chasms of structural inequity, and healing collective wounds.

For two years, Brandyn served as leader of the WHO-recognized PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex, and formed the Trans MSM: Rethinking Sexuality and Health educational support group which is now maintained under the gracious leadership of other brilliant, inspiring community builders. Brandyn’s love for engaging with researchers heart-to-heart in addressing the importance of trans-inclusion in medical science finally evolved beyond the point of no return: Medical science, Brandyn’s personal conscientious objectives, and the communities affected are better served by Brandyn giving up their seat at the table to transgender folks of color whose voices are more critically relevant.

Having abdicated nearly every position of power previously held in service to this vision of true community equity and healing, with a commitment to personal improvement from within and unrelenting self-examination, Brandyn now enjoys over the road trucking and is intensely excited about the opportunities this new career path may offer.

At heart, Brandyn is first and foremost a writer. An in-progress novel detailing the  wild and wonderful journey of teaching across myriad community settings is forthcoming. The views expressed on this site are Brandyn’s alone and do not reflect the position of any agency or project with which they are affiliated.